This guide was created by the Section of Family Planning & Contraceptive Research and Ci3 to help health and social service providers advise pregnant persons who may be seeking abortion care in Illinois by:

  • Outlining laws and policies around provision of abortion care in Illinois
  • Providing resources on how to talk with pregnant persons about abortion as an option and what they can expect  
  • Including basic information about insurance coverage and financial assistance
  • Discussing special considerations for specific communities


In the course of their work, health and social service providers may encounter pregnant persons* considering abortion. For example, individuals commonly speak with a primary care provider to confirm a positive pregnancy test, seek advice or options counseling, or obtain a referral.1 Pregnant persons may also turn to social service providers such as social workers, case managers, counselors and ministers for help in making a decision about a pregnancy and to find information about abortion care. In Illinois there are fewer than 40 providers offering abortion services and 92% of Illinois counties have no provider.As a result, health and social service providers can be critically important in connecting individuals with abortion care.

*While this guide may refer to "women" when discussing study results or use female pronouns in some instances, we recognize that individuals seeking pregnancy counseling or abortion may not identify as women. We encourage readers to keep this in mind and provide sensitive counseling and care.