Abortion Funds

Some providers offer discounts to individuals paying  for abortion out of pocket. There are also several abortion funds set up to assist persons who may have difficulty covering the costs. Details on these funds can be found below. Individuals should be advised to contact the facility where they are seeking care and let them know they need assistance; some providers will aid patients in coordinating these funds if they have the staffing to do this. Other times, the person will need to reach out directly to the organizations coordinating the funding. In general, funds will not cover the full cost of an abortion except in extreme circumstances.

  • The Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) assists low-income individuals in obtaining safe abortion services by providing referrals, negotiated discounts and financial assistance for those in need for second trimester procedures.
  • The National Abortion Federation (NAF) provides financial assistance for individuals who demonstrate need. Both the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) and National Abortion Federation (NAF) have national case managers who can sometimes provide extra assistance in particularly difficult situations (e.g., second trimester procedures and for those who are minors, homeless, victims of sexual assault, or high cost procedures in hospitals). 
  • Planned Parenthood provides some financial assistance directly at the time a patient makes an appointment through their Reproductive Justice Fund.