Undocumented Status

An undocumented resident cannot be prohibited from having an abortion and all health care and treatment is confidential. A health care provider requires only proof of identity, not citizenship; health care providers are not required to report undocumented persons.

However, many undocumented individuals lack health insurance coverage so covering the cost may prove more difficult. Most funds set up to assist someone in covering the costs of abortion do not discriminate based on immigration status.

In addition, the All Kids program in Illinois covers pregnant persons and children who meet the program income requirements, regardless of immigration status. If an individual is pregnant and meets the income requirements for Moms & Babies, a program of All Kids, they can get health care coverage through this program.

  • A person does not have to be a citizen or a legal immigrant to get Moms & Babies.
  • A person does not need to have a Social Security number to get Moms & Babies.