Paying for Abortion

Figuring out how to pay for abortion care can be a critical issue. Many people must navigate a patchwork approach to pulling together funds.

Important questions to consider

  • What is the cost for a procedure at gestational age of the pregnancy? (Abortions at later gestational ages are more expensive.)
  • Does the person have insurance? Will her plan cover the procedure? Does she need to obtain a referral? Is her abortion provider within her insurance network, if she has one? Does the person wish to have a record of her procedure with her insurance company?
  • If she must pay out of pocket, are there funds available for financial assistance?

Paying for Abortion 

  • First trimester procedures (up to 13 weeks) cost approximately $450.
  • Medication abortion (up to 9 to 10 weeks) costs approxiamtely $390.
  • Second trimester procedures (13 weeks up to approximately 24 weeks in Illinois) can cost approximately $1,500. 1,2,3

Does insurance cover an abortion?

Private insurance 64% of plans cover abortion, check with insurance provider.
Illinois Medicaid coverage Abortion must be “medically necessary” or following sexual assault or incest and the provider must accept Medicaid; talk to health provider.
Federal or state employee Abortion is not covered except in cases of sexual assault, incest or a threat to the life or health of the pregnant woman.
Plan purchased from the Illinois Marketplace Abortion coverage depends on the plan, check with insurance provider.